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Date: 28-04-15

IoT/wearable dev platform by Toshiba for its TZ1000 series chips

Toshiba has made available TZ1000 series application processor based development platform which includes Hardware Development Kit (HDK) and Software Development Kit (SDK) for monitoring health/physical activities such as pulse rate/heart rate for wearable and IoT device development. TZ1000 series packs sensor, processor, flash memory, and a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) controller in single device.

HDK uses TZ1000 series TZ1001MBG processor and includes TZ1001MBG-embedded main board and a biometric sensor board that measures pulse waves and the heart’s electrical activities. Where as SDK includes driver software that controls each component incorporated in TZ1001MBG, middleware that measures activity and pulse waves, and application software that controls the overall system.

Toshiba said it is also working on the development of a software algorithm to measure weak biological signals, like pulse waves and the heart’s electrical activities, and environmental data such as temperature and humidity, and aims to supply a system solution in the TZ1000 series that will further strengthen the line-up.
On a trial basis Toshiba is offering limited quantity of reference boards and its development environment free of charge.

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