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Date: 11-04-15

Evaluation board supports Melexis' magnetic sensor IC

Melexis has introduced an evaluation board for its MLX90393 programmable magnetic sensor IC. Board measuring 30mm x 30mm helps in designing human machine interface systems such as simple slide, push/pull and linear swipe switches and also complex systems such as 3D sensing systems, joysticks or rotary knobs with push functions included.

16-bit resolution MLX90393 sensor IC on each EVB has the capacity to deliver a digital output proportional to the detected magnetic flux density along 3 perpendicular axes (X, Y and Z) with a provision for thermal measurement. MLX90393 IC supports high speed measurement, elevated signal integrity or low power consumption.

The evaluation board has SPI and I2C interfaces so that it can be easily connected to external microcontroller. There is also a pad incorporated onto the board for the connection of a decoupling capacitor if required, as well as pads for optional pull-up and pull-down resistors for I2C addressing and bus line supply. An operational temperature range spanning from -20°C to +85°C is supported.

The EVB is supplied with a MLX90393 IC soldered directly to the PCB, along with 3 extra ICs to accompany it. A QR code link printed on the underside of the board permits immediate access to all the relevant documentation available on the Melexis website.

More information on the MLX90393 EVB can be found at: www.melexis.com/Position--Speed-Sensors/Triaxis

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