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Date: 07-04-15

SCANIFY 3D scanner can now be purchased from RS Components

For 3D printing activities, design engineers can now buy SCANIFY handheld scanner from Fuel3D from leading distributor RS Components.

SCANIFY scanner uses stereoscopy and photometry to create accurate and high-resolution digital model including 8-bit RGB colour data. To take the 3D image user need to place an optical tracking target on the object, as a reference for movement correction, and a one-click shot (0.1 seconds) then captures all the images needed to create the model.

The scanner exports various file formats including STL, as used by many 3D printers and also support for OBJ and PLY formats allows direct export to popular design or animation software environments.

Other 3D printing related products from RS includes BeeVeryCreative, MakerBot, RepRapPro, Ultimaker, and the own-brand IdeaWerk FDM printer, now available from RS.

For more information visit the website at www.rs-online.com

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