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Date: 03-04-15

Two solid state switches in one supporting high frequency and high-voltage

CPC7512 from IXYS is a monolithic solid state switch with two normally open (1-Form-A) solid state relays (SSRs) for high-frequency applications featuring T-switch compensation technique to provide 60dB of off-isolation at 1MHz by minimizing open-state capacitive coupling.

CPC7512 is configured as two independent switches with optimized state control. The self-biasing switches do not require external high-voltage supplies for proper operation. A single 5V power supply provides sufficient biasing for enabling high voltage, bidirectional switching.

CPC7512 offers thermal shutdown feature for devices connected to high voltage networks up to +/-320V, and also an external signal to indicate the device is in thermal shutdown.

Applications: Multiplexed ultrasonic transducer switching, battery monitoring and charging, automatic test equipment (ATE) , instrumentation, industrial controls and monitoring.
CPC7512 can be configured as a dual SPDT 1-Form-C Switch by utilizing the shunt switch for driving two independent loads.

The CPC7512 is offered a 20-Pin SOIC package.

The CPC7512 Dual 1-Form-A High Voltage, High Frequency Isolated Analog Switch is available in production quantities. OEM pricing is $1.92 in quantities of 25KU.

News source: www.ixysic.com

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