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Date: 31-03-15

Full big-endian Linux stack for the 64-bit ARMv8-A architecture

Applied Micro Circuits Corporation and Codethink have announced a joint collaboration to accelerate and foster the adoption of ARMv8-A architecture. Codethink is system software expert of Free and Open Source Software.

The solutions from Codethink include full big-endian Linux stack for the 64-bit ARMv8-A architecture, support for C, C++, Fortran, Java and Python programming langauges, full support for big-endian memory access without the need for specialized compilers. Also available is Linux 4.0 based the full suite of GNU tools helping server engineers to deploy big-endian enterprise workloads on server-class ARM hardware.

"Commercial availability AppliedMicro's X-Gene Server on a Chip solution is a game changer, offering cloud and enterprise customers a viable alternative to the status quo," said Paul Sherwood, CEO of Codethink. "Our ability to enhance and customize Linux stacks allows for seamless integration into product data center environments."

"Codethink's platforms and X-Gene together represent a powerful set of solutions for data center operators seeking to reduce power consumption while maintaining throughput and latency metrics," said Paramesh Gopi, president and CEO of AppliedMicro. "Codethink's strong track record in the embedded market will also be attractive to end users of our HeliX line of embedded processor SoCs."

Codethink's open source is helping adoption of X-Gene in production environments. For more info visit www.codethink.co.uk.

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