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Date: 14-03-15

AC-DC controller specifically optimized for 20-150 Watts LED lamps

Stressing on the factors of reliability, and cost-competitiveness, STMicroelectronics has released the new AC/DC power controller IC HVLED001 designed for LED lamps used in commercial areas, retail shops, offices, and outdoor spaces. Operating directly from the rectified DC from AC mains, the HVLED001 integrates both high- and low-voltage circuitry on the same chip. ST says high power factor of >0.9, low Total Harmonic Distortion of <10%, and high power-conversion efficiency of >90% ensure compliance with the most stringent lighting standards in an efficient, compact, and cost-effective solution to drive LEDs in the power range from 20W up to 150W. Key features of the HVLED001 as shared by ST: Embedded 800V High-Voltage start-up, ensuring LED start-up in less than 0.5s, along with reduced BOM and increased robustness; Constant output-voltage primary-side control with ±2% accuracy ensuring a stable light experience across multiple LED-light sources; Embedded multiplier and THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) optimizer that provides fast response to line-voltage variations; Adjustable Frequency Foldback for improved efficiency and regulation under low load-dimming conditions; Comprehensive smart protections including input overvoltage, overcurrent, brownout and opto-coupler failure, all latch-free thanks to a smart auto-restart timer. Housed in a compact SO10 package, the HVLED001 is available in volume with a price of US$0.5 in quantities of 1k units.

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