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Date: 06-03-15

Mitsubish's 3 new power semiconductor modules to Lineup of Super-mini DIP

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation launched three new transfer-mold power semiconductor models in its lineup of Super-mini Dual-In-line Package Intelligent Power Modules (DIPIPM) embedded with Super-Junction Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors (SJ-MOSFET), including new 10A/600V and 20A/600V models and a revised 15A model that offers improved performance. The 15A and 20A models will launch on May 22.

power semiconductor module

SJ-MOSFET embedded Super-mini DIPIPM

Product Features
1) Expanded lineup will cover full power range of air conditioners - Air conditioners ranging from 2.2kW to 8kW will be covered thanks to the new 10A/600V and 20A/600V models.

2) Reduced power consumption in inverter systems - SJ-MOSFET chip uses high-precision processing method to reduce power loss by about 14% compared to Mitsubishi Electric's existing Super-mini DIPIPM products.

3) Simplified design for inverter systems - Footprint and pin configuration are compatible with Mitsubishi Electric's existing Ver.6, PSSxx92x6 series, etc. of Super-mini DIPIPM.
- Fewer external components due to use of embedded bootstrap diode with current-limiting resistor.

Sale Schedule:
Model Specification First Shipment
PSM10S94F6 10A/600V June 19, 2015
PSM15S94H6 15A/600V May 22, 2015
PSM20S94H6 20A/600V May 22, 2015

News Source: Mitsubishi Electric

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