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Date: 27-02-15

NFC Tags from STMicroelectronics for IoT

SRTAG NFC/RFID tags from STMicroelectronics target short-range wireless connectivity in consumer electronics, computer peripherals, home appliances, industrial automation, and healthcare products.

SRTAG ICs provide the NFC Forum Type 4 Tag RF interface and built-in NDEF (NFC Data Exchange Format) message support. The embedded EEPROM memory density spans from 512 bit to 64 Kbit for broad range of applications such as content-rich virtual business cards and smart signs. SRTAG series offers user-programmable digital CMOS output that eliminates the need for an external component to trigger the host wake-up.

With data retention of 200 years (20 times higher than the industry standard) and 1 million erase-write cycles (10 times higher than the industry standard) SRTAG Ics operate in the temperature range from -40°C to 85°C.

ST says SRTAGs also outperform existing solutions in data protection, coupling the market’s strongest 128-bit password protection with a 20-bit counter for read/write access control that virtually eliminates any risk of tag cloning or tampering.

SRTAG applications include NFC smart posters and advertising, image-enhanced NFC business cards, NFC tokens for automated Bluetooth pairing and secure access to WiFi networks, as well as NFC tags for asset tracking, maintenance records, and product identification.

The SRTAG16K and SRTAG64K are available in production volume, the SRTAG2KL, SRTAG2KL-P, and SRTAG512L are sampling to lead customers. Prices for orders of 1,000 pieces start at $0.17 for the 512-bit version.

For further information visit www.st.com/srtag-nb1502

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