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Date: 20-12-14

5% tolerant variable capacitor with range of 1-63 pico farads

DIONICS-USA is offering a new line of C 632 MOS capacitor arrays, housed in 8 pin SOIC Surface Mount packages, providing precise, user-adjustable/variable capacitance values that range from as low as 1 pF up to 63pf in 1 pF increments.

The final desired value is selected by making parallel connections to the appropriate 1 pF, 2pF, 4pF, 8Pf, 16pF, and 32pF leads. ( See Schematic below.).
Other wide capacitor ranges are also readily available.
Brief specifications of this capacitor:
• Precise, easily selectable values, from 1pF to 63pF
adjustable in 1pF increments
• Tight tolerances (5% or 10%)
• Operating Voltage 75VDC
• Excellent high frequency performance
• Extremely stable and reliable MOS construction
• Small 8-pin SOIC package
• Other capacitance values and packages available
• Low Cost

• Tuning and trimming
• Frequency setting
• Telecommunications
• RF Circuitry
• Compensation circuitry
• Medical
• Security

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