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Date: 16-12-14

Slim SiC diodes from ST for compact and thin power systems in cars

The slim silicon-carbide (SiC) diodes from STMicroelectronics are made for high power density on-board battery chargers (OBCs) in electric vehicles such as Plug-in Hybrids (PHEVs) that demand high power-handing capability within a confined space.

The new automotive-qualified diodes allow designers to build smaller power modules not only for automotive power electronics but also for solar power inverters including for the Little Box Challenge by Google and IEEE. $1 million prize Little Box Challenge by Google and IEEE is to design kW-scale inverters that are more than ten-times smaller than today’s inverters for various applications, particularly solar inverters.

These new SiC diodes bust high-current spikes from damaging the device and also feature 2.5 times greater over-current capability versus rated current. ST’s new SiC feature reverse-breakdown voltage of 650V. SiC is Wide Band-Gap (WBG) compound semiconductor material with lower switching losses and higher voltage ratings in relation to device size, compared to conventional silicon devices.

The 650V devices introduced by ST include the 10A STPSC10H065DY in the TO-220AC power package and the 12A STPSC12H065DY in TO-220AC. In addition, the STPSC20H065CTY in TO-220AB package and STPSC20H065CWY in TO-247 are 2x10A dual-diode devices that help maximize space utilization and reduce the weight of the OBC.

All the new parts are in production and ready for immediate delivery, priced from $4.15 for 100 pieces of STPSC10H065DY.

For more info visit www.st.com/sic-auto-diodes

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