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Date: 11-12-14

Fast wireless charging is possible with Freescale's new 15W Ics

Freescale semiconductor has launched wireless transmitter and receiver IC which can handle 15 Watts wireless charging. What is most commonly available now is more of a 5 watts charging solutions, and it takes longer hours to charge mobile portable devices such as tablets with higher battery capacities. 15 Watts wireless charger from Freescale semiconductor is designed to charge tablet computers in few hours instead of eight hours from a 5 Watts wireless charger.

The 15 W Qi-compliant wireless charging is designed for a wide range of devices such as large-screen smart phones and portable industrial and medical equipment along with the tablet computers.

The solution supports wireless charging industry standards such as Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) and the Power Matters Alliance (PMA).

There is an inevitable demand of large capacity batteries in smart phones and tablets and requirement of fast charging is making 15 Watts solution from Freescale semiconductor, an interesting offer.

The receiver chip WPR1516 and a transmitter chip MWCT1012 is supported by firmware libraries, advanced application programming interface allowing for the addition of custom application code and a highly tailored and differentiated end-product.

Reference design and evaluation boards are available for these Ics. The chips planned for availability in Q1 2015.

For details visit www.freescale.com/wirelesscharging

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