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Date: 06-12-14

Solid state power controllers offer longer life compared to mech switches and relays

US based defense electronics equipment maker Data Device Corporation launched 2/4 channel Solid State Power Controllers with each channel of 100 amp current throughput rating.

Company says the new Solid State Power Controllers (SSPCs) offer Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) savings compared with mechanical switches, breakers, and relays, saving space for other components and expanded functionality. They offer 7X power-to-volume and 5X power-to-weight savings, compared with larger enclosed mechanical alternatives and 70% reduction in power dissipation, along with energy savings through intelligent load shedding and prioritization. Inventory costs can be saved, as these boards can be programmed to support multiple platforms and varying mission requirements.

Data Device Corporation says its SSPCs have a 25X improved MTBF compared with mechanical switches, breakers, and relays, that have moving parts which are more prone to failure. Data Device Corporation said more than 800,000 its SSPC nodes installed on military vehicles since 1988.

Some of the smart features include autonomous operation, flexible power distribution, flexible control options, including CANbus interface, and a range of discrete control interfaces. These high power SSPCs allow each channel to be individually programmed within a 4:1 current range, from 25 to 100 amps.

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