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Date: 06-12-14

WiFi audio streaming IoT chip and NFC IoT platform from Broadcom

Broadcom added dual-band Wi-Fi audio chip into its Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices (WICED) portfolio. The BCM43907 SoC streams high-definition (HD) audio over a Wi-Fi network to wireless audio devices.

BCM43907 reduces interference while streaming audio to devices such as portable speakers, 5.1 multi-speaker systems, sound bars and media players.
BCM43907 features advanced radio frequency (RF) and timing synchronization to stream audio over multiple speakers in different rooms in the home with no echo or lag time. A user of mobile device with this chip can use Bluetooth to listen to a radio station from their smartphone in one room of the home while simultaneously streaming music to a portable speaker in another room, all using the same device and Wi-Fi network.

BCM43907 integrates Apple Airplay support with direct access to Broadcom's WICED Audio software development kit (SDK), expanding opportunities for developers and OEMs designing products that stream audio content from the home network or mobile devices. Broadcom is sampling its WICED Audio SoC to its early access customers.

Broadcom has also announced the integration of NFC into its Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices (WICED) software development kit (SDK).

Broadcom's WICED SDK with NFC features tap-to-activate capability, where NFC enables a user to touch their smartphone to a portable speaker and start music streaming application. The tap-to-control experience for NFC-enabled products is good for smart home and medical devices where there is no display or graphical user interface (UI). A good example of this chip is by tapping their smartphone to a smart thermostat, a user is instantly recognized and the house is automatically set to their preferred temperature.

The Broadcom WICED SDK with NFC is in production.

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