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Date: 26-11-14

Hybrid Memory Cube Consortium makes publicly available its HMCC 2.0 specs

The Hybrid Memory Cube Consortium (HMCC) finalized the public availability of its HMCC 2.0 specification (HMCC 2.0).

The new HMCC 2.0 specification advances data rate speeds from 15 Gb/s up to 30 Gb/s, establishing a new threshold for memory performance. HMCC 2.0 also migrates the associated channel model from short reach (SR) to very short reach (VSR) to align with existing industry nomenclature.

"With 150 members, the Hybrid Memory Cube Consortium has gained considerable momentum since its inception and, as a result, has more and better inputs on how the interface can best fit tomorrow's applications," said Jim Handy, director, Objective Analysis. "The release of the HMCC 2.0 specification shows a commitment to evolving a family of specifications targeting all high-performance computing applications."

The HMCC was founded in October 2011 by co-developers Altera, Micron, Open-Silicon, Samsung Electronics and Xilinx.

To know more on HMCC, visit www.hybridmemorycube.org.

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