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Date: 15-11-14

Audio processor with Bluetooth SoC for wireless music

CSR plc has launched its new CSR8675, audio processor with Bluetooth transceiver SoC for wireless music in high-end speakers, soundbars, stereo headsets and gaming headphones.

The CSR8675 offers 120 MIPS DSP performance with 24 bit digital audio support and the chip supports aptX Low Latency which will allow consumers to watch video while listening to wireless audio in a synchronised fashion.

The CSR8675 offers on-chip Ambient Noise Cancellation (ANC) saving the engineer from extra effort.

CSR8675 other key features:

2 x I2S interfaces

1 x SPDIF interface

2 x additional GPIOs (over CSR8670)

Bluetooth v4.1 support

16Mb internal eflash and up to 64Mb external serial flash

6 x Capacitive touch sensor inputs

Up to six digital microphone inputs

Support for ANC feed-forward architecture

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