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Date: 15-11-14

I2C configurable power IC for QorIQ processor packs 4 buck and 5 LDO regulators

Freescale Semiconductor is offering efficient VR500 regulator power IC for its QorIQ Layerscape LS1 processors. VR500 is configurable to meet the unique voltage, current and timing needs of individual applications. It offers dynamic regulator control via an I2C digital interface for programmability and dynamic voltage control, optimizing the processor’s performance and enabling easy voltage scaling. Four integrated buck converters and five integrated LDOs cab power multiple peripherals while significantly reducing bill of materials costs and package sizes. VR500 key features: Vin = 3.3 Vbus Supply (2.8 V to 4.5 V) Forced PWM/PFM or APS operation DDR reference Thermally enhanced 8 x 8 mm QFN wettable flank The VR500 device is available now for a suggested retail price starting at $3.75 to $3.95 (USD) in 10K quantities.

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