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Date: 24-10-14

Electro deposited Nickel foil for batteries and ultracaps

Targray introduced Electro-deposited Nickel Foil (ED Ni foil) battery materials for lithium-ion battery manufacturers, ultra-capacitor manufacturers and other nickel foil users.

Electro-deposited Nickel Foil is available in thicknesses of 4um to 50um and widths up to 1000mm with better tensile strength and anti-corrosive properties and also higher acid and heat resistance compared to other types of Nickel foils, as per Targray. It is also possible to etch the foil.

Electro-deposited Nickel Foil is suggested for high-energy, low-power lithium ion battery used in cellphones, laptops and retail electronics. Electro-deposited Nickel Foil is also can be used in supercapacitors/ultracaps. Nickel foil is magnetic and can be used as electromagnetic shielding material against interference. It can be used as shielding tape for various electronic devices and as conductive tape.

Targray supplies full range of lithium ion battery and supercapacitor materials, such as anode (graphite), cathode (LFP, NCA, LMO, LMNO, LCO, NMC), separators (PE, PP and ceramic coated), electrolytes, binders (PVDF and SBR), Al, Ni and Cu (rolled and ED) foils, tabs (made to spec, with or without film), cans, Al laminated pouch material, etched Al foil and coated cathode and anode electrodes.

Form details visit www.targray.com.

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