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Date: 15-10-14

Osram developing automotive headlight LED producing 1400 lumens

Though light emitting diodes for your car headlights are already there in the market, but soon expect a 3 times more brighter and small size LED headlamps coming to the market.

This is based on announcement by leading light emitting diode developer Osram, which has developed LED with light output of 1400 lumens and 200 Mcd/m², three times that of the present LEDs. This is still a laboratory achievement, they are expected to be out in the market in another few years.

A single LED device can serve the purpose of low beam light, compared to several LEDs required now. Even on the size, Osram could achieve a single LED with in dimensions of 30 mm x 50 mm. This LED loses only ten percent of its intensity even at high operating temperatures of 85°C.

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