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Date: 20-09-14

Software development kit for Sony smart eye wear

Sony launched eye wear called "SmartEyeglass" which can connect with Android 4.1 or later devices. Now the Android users have one more eye wear device option along with Google Glass.
Just like in the Google Glass, SmartEyeglass can view navigation information while walking, check a recipe while cooking without taking their eyes from their hands, or view information related to a certain player while watching a sports game in a stadium. More interesting application emerging for these kind of devices is, surgeon operating on a patient can monitor vital parameters of the patient on his eyewear without taking his eyes out of location of surgery.

SmartEyeglass packs CMOS image sensor, accelerometer, Gyroscope, electronic compass, brightness sensor, and microphone. Sony used hologram optics technology to develop a lens that achieves high transparency of 85% and thickness of just 3.0 mm, without the use of half mirrors that obstruct the user's vision. SmartEyeglass displays monochrome display but with the higher readability.

Sony said it will release dedicated SmartEyeglass Software Development Kit on September 19th to enable developers to expand upon their unique ideas for creating scenarios in which SmartEyeglass can be used, and to boost various application development.

Sony said it plans to offer SmartEyeglass for sale to developers by the end of FY2014, with the intention of further promoting the development of applications and accelerating the commercialization of the product for consumer use.

For more details visit www.sony.net

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