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Date: 20-09-14

IoT enabler for Arduino

Arduino LLC and Atmel have made available Arduino Wi-Fi Shield 101, a security shield to quickly prototype Internet of Things (IoT) applications on the Arduino platform such as Arduino R3 board.

Not so expensive secure Arduino Wi-Fi Shield 101 is an easy-to-use extension which can be seamlessly connected to any Arduino board making it a Wi-Fi connected board.

This new shield allows embedded board developers to securely connect IoT applications to wearables, robotics, high-tech devices and any such hot IOT applications. Arduino Wi-Fi Shield 101 is designed using Atmel’s wireless network controller which includes crypto Authentication device supporting hardware authentication capability in their design.

The Arduino Wi-Fi Shield 101 has WINC1500 802.11b/g/n network controller with integrated TCP/IP stack, TLS security and SoftAP for seamless provisioning. It also features an Atmel authentication security device that can be used for keys, passwords or secret data. An open-source Wi-Fi library will also be available to enable users to write sketches that connect to the Internet using the shield. The Wi-Fi shield connects to an Arduino board using long wire-wrap headers which extend through the shield.

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