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Date: 20-09-14

PIC design: Lumerical INTERCONNECT is integrated with Pyxis Schematic

Mentor Graphics and Lumerical are offering Photonic Integrated Circuit designers a integrated tool platform where Lumerical INTERCONNECT is integrated with Pyxis Schematic. INTERCONNECT is a photonic integrated circuit design software for designing, simulating and analysis of photonic integrated circuits.

Pyxis Schematic EDA tool helps VLSI engineers to design capture, simulation control, and results viewing for analog, RF, and mixed-signal designs.

Designers can now capture a photonic design and testbench, set up optical simulation parameters for transient and frequency analysis, perform simulation, and view results interactively from the Pyxis Schematic simulation cockpit. This also leverages the existing integration to high-capacity Ezwav waveform viewer which can be used for processing optical simulation results.

Another tool named Pyxis Implement with schematic-driven layout helps engineers to quickly place and assemble photonic PCells using connectivity-driven waveguide routing with radial and adiabatic bends, as well as S-bend support.

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