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Date: 30-08-14

HSA: sys arch, prog ref manual, sys runtime specs 1.0 available now

HSA Foundation announced availability of its System Architecture Specification 1.0, Programmer’s Reference Manual and Runtime Programmer’s Reference Manual for public review. A sample runtime, compiler, and driver are also made available for system designers for review of the specs.

HSA Platform System Architecture Specification covers specifications related to virtual memory, platform coherency, signaling, queuing mechanics and packet formats, context switching, and the HSA memory model.

HSA Programmer’s Reference Manual has HSAIL Virtual ISA and Programming Model, Compiler Writer’s Guide, and BRIG (the “HSAIL” compiler intermediate language) object format
HSA Runtime Programmer’s Reference Manual defines the APIs in the HSA Runtime used for tasks cuh as initialization and device discovery, queue creation, and memory management.
All those trees specifications are available from the HSA Foundation web site: http://www.hsafoundation.com/standards/

The processor chip maker AMD is supplying early implementation to test out capabilities of HSA. AMD's processor “Kaveri” is the pre-HSA compatible semiconductor device which can be used for evaluation.

Linux kernel and associated kernel-level drivers, the HSA runtime, and the HSAIL finalizer are part of the implementation.

The project includes a reference LLVM-based compiler which generates HSAIL and can extended to add additional languages that support HSAIL-based compute. The project also includes tools for assembling and disassembling HSAIL and for compiling OpenCL 2.0 kernels into HSAIL.

The runtime layer called “OKRA” designed to minimize the time required to get started with HSA.
You can access these at https://github.com/HSAFoundation

These specifications are suggested for compiler and language developers who want to add parallel acceleration to a high-level language.

Programmers can use this specs to leverage features of HSA such as shared-virtual-memory, platform atomics, user-level queues, and signals.

To learn more visit http://www.hsafoundation.com

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