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Date: 24-08-14

Logic PD enables adding wireless IoT feature to your present system

Enabling IOT feature in your present system is made easy by Logic PD. Logic PD'S new Wireless Communication Device Blueprint, id a step-by-step application guide for adding IoT capability to your present working system.

Suggested as an ideal solution for equipment used in applications such as agriculture, medical and industrial applications where replacing is expensive.

“As the world becomes increasingly connected, users want their applications to be moved online for ease of use and increased operational efficiency,” said Jason Voiovich, vice president of marketing. “Under pressure, OEMs are often overwhelmed by the proposition of retrofitting their legacy equipment and overlook the upside of adding a renewable revenue stream that comes with networked devices. The Wireless Blueprint guides them through the process and identifies the opportunities.”

“Retrofitting equipment requires more than simply connecting a wireless device to it,” explains Scott Nelson, PhD, chief technology officer and executive vice president. “Beyond the network connection, companies need first need to examine what is being measured and what data needs to be collected. Once that is determined, there are a multitude of decisions that need to be determined – each impacting the next.”

The application guide helps companies evaluate considerations related to sensors and data, network connectivity, power, analytics and security.

For more information on Logic PD Wireless Communication Network Blueprint, visit http://www.logicpd.com/expertise/wireless-device-blueprint/.

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