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Date: 24-08-14

Assemble your own smart phone; modular DIY electronics hardware

Let's take a case where in your smart phone you liked manythings but not the memory size, you wanted to have 4Gb or 2Gb instead of 1Gb, in another case you'd like to have five megapixel selfile taking front camera instead of two megapixel. The option now is only to buy latest new smart phone.

That's going to change now due to the new trend of modular hardware available for smart phone assembly kind of do it yourself (DIY) electronics hardware.

The initiator in this market is none other than Google, Google's Ara project is all about building a smart phone the way you need by sliding-in thin blocks of hardware pieces into a motherboard kind of master module called endoskeleton which houses the host processor and other basic smart phone essentials. The modules are connected through MIPI data interface and a flexible power bus. FPGA is extensively used in this project instead of ASIC chip.

Google's Project Ara is born at Motorola's ATAP division. Google had acquired Motorola and sold it to Lenova, but the Google has retained ATAP division.

If you are interested in developing snap-in hardware modules for this project visit the website http://www.projectara.com/mdk/ to learn about module developer's Kit.

It is reported that Chinese smartphone manufacturer ZTE has also created this kind of module smart phone design which is called as Eco-Mobius.

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