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Date: 14-08-14

Advanced voice control available on Sensory's NLP-5x single chip

Sensory's updated version of its TrulyHandsfree Voice Control is now available on its low-power NLP-5x single chip solution. Sensory claims this version of TrulyHandsfree improves accuracy by up to 50% and features up to a 65% reduction in power consumption from previous versions.

Sensory says over 500 million products utilizing TrulyHandsfree voice triggers have shipped over the past several years from manufacturers such as Motorola, Samsung, Intel, LG, Partech, Hallmark, and TomTom.

The NLP-5x offers advanced speech recognition, text-to-speech (TTS), high quality music, speech synthesis, and robotic control to cost-sensitive high volume products. It is a low cost DSP with built in ADC, DAC, memory, and everything needed to put a speech recognition system on a chip. The NLP targets low cost consumer electronic products such as remote controls, IoT, home electronic devices, and robotic toys. It enables products to wake up and respond when their name is called, so there is no button pressing or manual manipulation needed for deploying hands-free voice control. The NLP chip is extremely robust to noise and designed to prevent false triggers during normal room noise and conversations. The significant power consumption reduction in the NLP-5x is achieved with the addition of a low power sound detector and a much more efficient speech recognition code.

"With this latest TrulyHandsfree on the NLP-5x chip, we are very pleased to continue our mission in offering the most innovative, yet small-footprint, low power voice recognition solutions," stated Sensory CEO Todd Mozer.

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