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Date: 10-08-14

5.1 kW programmable DC power supplies for solar applications

B&K Precision has introduced three new power programmable DC power supplies (models PVS10005, PVS60085, and PVS60085MR) featuring output power up to 5.1 kW. These models offer built-in solar array simulator (SAS) function to generate photovoltaic I-V curves. Offering high power density in a compact 2U form factor, these DC power supplies are especially suitable for high voltage testing up to 1000 V, motor inverter testing, and solar array testing applications.

B&K says "With the optional SAS software application, PVS Series users can easily simulate solar arrays under different weather conditions during a day to validate the effectiveness of the solar inverter. The SAS software allows for a variety of I-V curve input parameters (Voc/Isc/Vmp/Imp/FF/FFv/FFi) along with user-definable irradiance profiles and a custom 1024-point voltage and current table. This software can also monitor and log real-time voltage, current, power, MPPT efficiency, and average MPPT efficiency."

PVS10005 and PVS60085 are list priced at $4,790, the PVS60085MR at $3,980, and the SASPVS software at $295.

For more details visit: http://www.bkprecision.com

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