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Date: 17-07-14

KYOCERA mass producing very high Q 01005 size ceramic caps

Kyocera said it succeeded in developing the new CU02 series 01005 size multilayer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) with the world's highest Q value in the high-frequency band, for power amplifier circuits mainly used in smartphones and other telecommunications equipment. The company started mass production of the new series this month.

Main Features as explained by Kyocera:
1. 01005 Size MLCC with world's highest Q value
The development of this product focused on improving the Q value in the high-frequency band (GHz band) used specifically for wireless communications. In the measurement of 01005 size MLCCs with capacitance of 4pF and at a frequency of 1GHz, the Q value has been improved roughly threefold compared with the company's conventional products, to approximately 290, realizing the world's highest value.

2. Broad product lineup with capacitances between 0.2 to 22pF, supporting a wide range of design specifications
To improve impedance mismatches in high-frequency circuits including power amplifiers for radio transmission, there is a need for the precise adjustment of impedances. This requires MLCCs with highly accurate, finely and evenly distributed capacitances. To meet this requirement, Kyocera offers a product lineup with capacitances between 0.2 to 22pF, with products in 0.1pF intervals for those with capacitances in the range of 0.2 to 10pF commonly used for circuit matching.

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