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Date: 08-07-14

Semiconductor manufacturing equipment for 3D NAND fabrication

Lam Research unveiled its latest thin film deposition and plasma etch products for 3D NAND fabrication in handling tasks such as stack deposition, vertical channel etching , and tungsten wordline deposition.

The equipment named VECTOR Q Strata PECVD deposits multilayer film stacks of both oxide/nitride (ONON) and oxide/polysilicon (OPOP) film stack deposition.

Lam's 2300 Flex F Series dielectric etch system uses high ion energy source with modulation to create vertical channel through the stack.

The tungsten depositing ALTUS Max ICEFill system controls variability by providing void-free fill of the geometrically complex 3D NAND wordlines. Using a proprietary filling technique, the new system creates the tungsten wordlines with an inside-out atomic layer deposition (ALD) process.

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