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Date: 27-06-14

HD video streaming kit for IOT market

GainSpan and OmniVision Technologies announced a high definition (HD) Video Application Development Kit (ADK) targeted at the fast-growing IOT market.

GainSpan’s low-power GS2000 Wi-Fi SOC and OmniVision’s ultra-low power, fast boot up camera solution including OV9712 and OV788 based ADK is suggested for battery-operated intrusion and doorbell cameras, home automation monitoring, intercom systems, wearable electronics, remote-controlled toys/airplanes and the automotive aftermarket.

GainSpan GS2000 HD Video ADK allows users to stream live video from an HD camera to an iOS or Android based smartphone.

The ADK supports multiple streaming protocols including the commonly used RTP/RTSP. Additional features are planned for addition over the next few months, including cloud connectivity, 2-way audio, motion triggered video streaming and power save modes.

The ADK includes embedded software compatible with iOS and Android mobile applications for smartphones and tablets. The GainSpan embedded software running on the Wi-Fi module offers complete Wi-Fi functionality and networking stack and services. It also supports a complete suite of security protocols, including WPA/WPA2-enterprise and personal security modes, legacy WEP encryption and upper layer security protocols such as TLS/SSL and HTTPs.

"OmniVision is always delighted to work with leading-edge technology companies like GainSpan that have a true passion for innovation," said David Ho, project manager at OmniVision. "The Internet of Things is a concept that is rapidly coming into focus—a concept that technology leaders must act quickly to embrace. The GS2000 HD Video ADK is a testament to our shared vision for next-generation applications like home automation and wearables."

"We selected OmniVision for this reference design because of the company's strong brand reputation, expertise, product support and innovative track record in the digital imaging market," said Bernard Aboussouan, vice president of marketing, GainSpan. "Together, we have developed an extremely low power, high quality solution that enables customers to quickly develop battery-operated cameras with HD video in reduced time."

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