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Date: 27-06-14

Mentor Veloce assists Inuitive for 1st pass SoC

Inuitive has achieved first-pass silicon success using the Veloce emulation platform for System-On-Chip (SoC) verification, according to Mentor.

Inuitive’s latest multi-core processor chip, NU3000 is used in Inuitive’s NUI (Natural User Interface) technology creates 3D depth map and intuitive mobile applications

“To achieve the level of verification required for our designs, we chose the Veloce emulation platform from Mentor for its superior performance and excellent pre-and-post- silicon hardware-software debug environment,” said Shlomo Gadot , CEO, Inuitive. “Our ability to perform pre-silicon Linux boot was made possible due to the high performance of Veloce, which would have been impractical in software simulation. Additionally, we were able to test our USB software drivers and other chip interfaces extensively prior to silicon being available. Once we received silicon samples, we were able to bring up and test our chips in a matter of days due to the resulting high quality of the design, which is a testament to the high-level of pre-silicon verification we achieved with Veloce.”

“I am very pleased with Inuitive’s success in creating first-pass silicon, and it is gratifying to see how the Veloce platform has been a key part of their hardware-software verification flow for their innovative SoC designs,” said Eric Selosse, vice president, Mentor Emulation Division. “I wish Inuitive more success in the future and look forward to our continued collaboration on SoC verification requirements.”

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