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Date: 21-06-14

High quality polymer for use as smart phone' LCD glass

Asahi Kasei Chemicals has developed new transparent polymer for high performance optical applications, which is now ready for commercial production. The material called AZP offers zero birefringence by using novel molecular design.
Asahi Kasei is building new manufacturing facilities for production of AZP at its Chiba Plant (Sodegaura, Chiba, Japan). This new material is expected to replace glass in LCD panels used in smartphones, and in-car navigation systems.

Asahi Kasei says with its light weight and easy processability, AZP is the ideal substitute for glass in display screens.

Features of AZP as per Asahi Kasei:
Triple zero birefringence—

Zero in-plane retardation, zero out-of-plane retardation, and zero photoelasticity
Ability to mold parts with zero birefringence with any molding method and conditions—

Unlike conventional polymers which require special molding techniques to achieve eliminate birefringence, AZP enables high productivity and freedom of design
Outstanding physical properties—

Glass-transition temperature (Tg): 135°C
Surface hardness (pencil hardness): 3H–4H

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