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Date: 10-06-14

Intel-inside to Intel-everywhere

In its continuing effort by Intel to spread its strong presence from PCs to all other smart devices, Intel has announced a range of new products.
Some of the Intel's immediate plans for future computing:

1. 130 new Intel-based Android and Windows tablets in 2014.

2. Fanless, detachable 2 in 1 (tablet/notebook) powered by the new Intel Core M processor available by end of 2014. Intel is offering a 14nm processor called Broadwell built for 2 in 1s, a 12.5" screen that is 7.2mm thin with keyboard detached and weighs 670 grams, is the first such product based in Broadwell.

3. First mobile phone Intel SOC called SoFIA for smartphone.

4. On high end PC computing Intel launches core i7 processor that runs 4 GHz on four cores simultaneously.

5. For cars, Intel offering a family of hardware and software products called Intel In-Vehicle Solutions.

Intel also said it is working on speech interface and 3D visual/camera for interface enhancement.

A nice quote by Intel Corporation President Renée James:
"form factor matters less than the experience delivered when all devices are connected to each other and to the cloud"

We used to see the logo "Intel Inside" on PCs, now that branding tag is least relevant with processor in everything and nearly everywhere.

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