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Date: 22-05-14

Smart IGBT MOSFET driver photo coupler

Toshiba is offering a smart gate driver photo coupler packaged in a thin SO16L package for driving medium-power IGBTs and power MOSFETs.

TLP5214 with infrared LED is suggested for high thermal stability applications such as factory automation, home photovoltaic power systems, digital home appliances and UPS. TLP5214 features a maximum propagation delay time of 150ns and a propagaistion delay skew of ±80ns are provided within the defined operating temperature range (up to 110 degrees Centigrade), to reduce dead time in the inverter circuit for improved operating efficiency.

The TLP5214 prevent the IGBT from reaching overcurrent conditions by having functions such as IGBT desaturation detection, active miller clamp and FAULT detection. The SO16L package provides a creepage distance of 8mm (min), suitable for applications that require higher isolation specifications. It has the additional benefit of being only 2.3mm (max) in height.

Part Number TLP5214
Electrical Characteristics Peak output current ±4.0A (max)
Total Output Supply Voltage 15V ~ 30V
Supply Current 3.5mA (max)
Threshold Input Current 3350(L/H) 6mA (max)
Switching Characteristics Propagation delay time 150ns (max)
Propagation delay skew -80ns ~ 80ns
Protecting Functions IGBT desaturation detection DESAT Threshold Voltage: 6.5V (typ)
Soft turn-off DESAT Sense to 10% Delay: 3.5µs (typ)
Miller clamping (Off-state) Clamp Pin Threshold Voltage: 3.0V (typ)
Undervoltage lockout (UVLO)
VUVLO + : 11.6V (typ)
VUVLO - : 10.3V (typ)
Isolations Isolation voltage 5000 Vrms (min )
Clearance 8.0mm (min)
Creepage Distance 8.0mm (min)
Insulation Thickness 0.4mm (min)

Availability: Mass production scheduled for the end of May 2014.

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