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Date: 13-05-14

A reference design for generating programmable analog output from PLC

Maxim Integrated Products has released a reference design to generate analog output from industrial programmable logic controllers. The reference design called Alameda has four high-accuracy (< ±0.1%) outputs with a high-efficiency, low-noise power supply controller on a single board. The analog outputs are configurable to ±10V, ±20mA, 0 to 10V, or 4–20mA for current and voltage signaling applications. Automatic error reporting for detecting open and short circuits, brown-outs, and over temperature conditions make this subsystem ideal for demanding, precision industrial control and automation applications, suggests Maxim. Maxim is offering fully tested schematics, layout files, and firmware are available for immediate use and customization. This reference design Almeda uses less components and integrate power supply in a single sys to solve noise issues and save dev. time. Almeda detects short-circuit, open-circuit, brown-out, and overtemperature conditions. Boards are available for purchase for $95 at Maxim's website and its select franchised distributors.

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