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Date: 13-05-14

Temperature and humidity test systems for electronic devices

It is not only for just aerospace/defense hardware, in today's world a lot more of electronic systems used by ordinary people need to be designed to operate in extreme weather conditions. A good example is mobile phone which can be used both in hot desert like environment as well as very cold freezing temperatures. If you look at the latest smart phones, they are sold by vendors with specific feature of dust resistance and water resistance. The semiconductor devices and other so many electronic components used in electronic systems need to withstand the extreme temperatures, humidity, physical shock, vibration, and even a drop from a larger height. So the testing of electronic components which includes passive components to complex semiconductor devices is increasingly becoming important.

The cost of test equipments for doing tests other than normal electrical performance is high. Small and medium enterprises can use test facilities available from companies such as TUV Rheinland, UL and test centres operated by government.

But for a company which regularly designs and produces a lot of new electronic systems, it can think of owning a test gear for doing weather withstanding tests on electronic components as well as the complete system. In this article we try to give you some of the test gear is available for temperature testing.

Environment chambers: these are box type chambers where devices can tested by simulating the temperature, humidity of real-world.

One of the leading environment chamber provider is ETSP of South Korea. ETSP offers temperature and humidity controlled chambers where the temperature range can be -40°C to 1 80°C and humidity range of 20% to 98% RH.
The distributor in India for ETSP temperature and humidity chambers are iNETest Technologies India Pvt. Limited based in Chennai.

For semiconductor testing a company called inTEST Thermal Solutions offers range of test equipments for testing semiconductor Ics for extreme weather standing.

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