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Date: 22-04-14

22 micro farads ceramic 1206 SMT cap from Murata

Murata has launched its new low profile monolithic ceramic capacitor, 1206 size (3.2x1.6mm) with having guaranteed operating temperatures 125°C, 22µF, 16V.

Conventionally, the capacitor of 1206 size (3.2x1.6mm/16V) has a maximum capacity of 10µF. This time Murata expanded the lineup to 22µF.

Applications: Power supplies, FPD, PC, Servers

X7S characteristics, 22µF, M tolerance (±20%) , rated voltage 16V: GRM31CC71C226ME11
Electric characteristicsTemperature Characteristics: X7S
Rated voltage: 16Vdc
Capacitance range: 22µF
Operating temperature range: -55°C~+125°C

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