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Date: 11-04-14

IDE and board for QuickLogic's low power sensor hub

QuickLogic is offering IDE and development board for customizing its ultra-low power sensor hub supporting always-on context awareness. These tools act as abstraction layer between the sensor algorithms and software (typically expressed in a C-like language), and the hardware implementation.

The IDE Flexible Fusion Engine Algorithm Tool (FFEAT) and Development Board complement each other. The board supports connectivity to host systems, such as a PC via USB, directly to a Snapdragon based DragonBoard by Qualcomm. The boards also have flexible connectors that can be used to connect third party sensor boards for easy sensor bring-up, algorithm development and hardware debug.

"QuickLogic's ultra-low power sensor hub enables always-on context awareness. By using our IDE and development board, developers can easily create new code, compile, and debug internally-developed sensor algorithms," said Paul Karazuba, senior product marketing and media manager at QuickLogic. "The combination of our FFEAT IDE software, the development board, and the ArcticLink 3 S1 sensor hub significantly reduces the engineering time and effort resulting in quicker time-to-market for OEMs and sensor algorithm companies."

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