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Date: 01-04-14

Security chip from Infineon allows safe connection to e-systems

Infineon Technologies AG has made available security chip for improved security of electronic devices in connected systems, where these device are said to allow connection to only known, legitimate devices.

The OPTIGA Trust P generates and securely stores encryption keys for one-way and mutual authentication, thereby allowing to protect the device from malware, and to control access mechanisms for secure software updates, as per Infineon. OPTIGA Trust P is said to be a flexible solution and is suggested for any product that stores and exchanges confidential data - whether used in smart homes or factories - can rely on the encrypted communications capability of OPTIGA Trust P to enable information privacy. With IoT and m2m communication spreading faster, the security chip such as this serves the purpose of enhanced security.

“The new addition to our OPTIGA Trust product series goes beyond brand protection and fighting counterfeit electronics which harm both ordinary people and companies,” said Juergen Spaenkuch, Vice President and head of Platform Security at Infineon Technologies. “It helps protect industrial electronics systems from risks of sabotage, provide secure updates of software and improve security through access control to increasing connected systems like the Internet of Things (IoT).”

The OPTIGA Trust P SLJ 52ACA authentication chip is offered in a VQFN-32 (5mm x 5mm) package, with 150 kB memory. It runs the JavaCard OS, supports ECC, RSA, AES, TDES and SHA cryptography and its system interface is an ISO7816 UART (400 kbps data rate).

Samples are available now. Further information is available at www.infineon.com/optiga-trust

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