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Date: 25-03-14

100-V N-channel MOSFETs with 2.3 milli ohms on-res

TO-220 and SON packaged 14 new N-channel power MOSFETs from Texas Instruments support input voltages of 40-V, 60-V, 80-V and 100-V for use in secondary side synchronous rectifier, motor control and many such applications.

The CSD19506 supports 2.0 milliohms of Rds(on) at an input voltage of up to 80 V, while the CSD19536 achieves 2.3 milliohms of Rds(on) at a 100-V input. Both products feature plastic packages with high avalanche capability to support high-stress motor control applications. The low thermal resistance CSD19506KCS is rated with a Continuous Drain Current (Package limited) of 100 A (Amperes).

The CSD19506KCS and CSD19536KCS N-channel devices are available in volume production. Each comes in a 3-pin, standard TO-220 package with a suggested resale price of US$2.30 each for the CSD19506 and US$2.30 each for the CSD19536, in 1,000-unit quantities. TI also offers 40-V, 60-V, 80-V and 100-V FETs in lead-free 5-mm by 6-mm SON packages.

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