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Date: 09-03-14

Plastic-packaged GaN power transistor for high-rel apps

M/A-COM Technology has added new GaN power transistor for defence and high-rel communication applications. The MAGX-000035-01000P is a 10 W GaN on SiC unmatched power transistor is plastic-packaged transistor in a miniature 3 x 6 mm DFN and 14-Lead DFN package.

The MAGX-000035-01000P operates from DC-3.5 GHz also operates at 50 V drain bias. The high voltage operation also benefits overall system design with smaller energy storage capacitors and lower current draw. The device can operate in pulsed and CW modes and maintains a calculated mean-time-to-failure (MTTF) at 200 deg C of roughly 600 years, as per MACOM.

"MACOM's 10 W GaN in Plastic power transistor offers both pulsed and CW modes of operation making it a highly versatile driver or final power stage for multiple applications," said Paul Beasly, Product Manager. "Furthermore, the device has been thermally designed to operate with standard surface-mount assembly which significantly simplifies the design and implementation into higher level systems."

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