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Date: 19-02-14

Renesas takes its MCU to 28nm

Renesas Electronics said it has developed 28-nanometer (nm) flash memory IP for microcontroller chips (MCUs) using a 28 nm process technology. Renesas plans to increase the Flash memory capacity in MCUs by using 28nm process.

Renesas says on-chip MCU flash memory modules as large as 10 MB will be required to support the increasing sophistication of the control systems implemented with MCUs.

Renesas is developing single-chip MCUs using 28 nm process technology with flash memory capacity of over 16MB flash memory on chip.

Renesas is also achieving high-speed readout operating clock frequency of 160 MHz, a data retention time of 20 years, and a rewrite cycle count of 250,000 cycles (for data storage).

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