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Date: 01-02-14

X-ray metrology tool for 3-D semiconductor packaging

Nordson DAGE has launched its XM8000 Wafer X-ray Metrology Platform at the SEMI European 3D TSV Summit held in Grenoble, France on 20th – 22nd January 2014.

This new platform provide an automated, high-throughput X-ray metrology and defect review system for both optically hidden and visible features of through silicon Vias (TSV), 2.5D and 3D semiconductor IC packages, MEMS and wafer bumps.

Dr David Bernard, Business Manager Automated X-ray Systems commented “this is an exciting launch of a major new X-ray platform for Nordson DAGE. We are taking the expertise and innovation that we have developed over many years serving the X-ray needs of electronics manufacture and now we can extend this to the necessary X-ray metrology for the ever smaller features that are used in today’s electronics such as TSVs and smaller wafer bumps.”

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