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Date: 16-01-14

The new X6 arch from IBM to support cloud and analytics

IBM has launched new architecture for its x86-based servers to improve availability in cloud computing and data analytics. The architecture named sixth generation enterprise X6 Architecture integrates eXFlash memory-channel storage, a DIMM-based storage providing up to 12.8 terabytes of ultrafast flash storage close to the processor to reduce write latency which helps in improving processing performance in analytics software applications.

IBM says for memory-hungry applications, X6 delivers three times the scalable memory of current competitors' and IBM x86-based systems to support cloud and analytics.

The X6 architecture eliminates the need for external SAN/NAS storage units. X6 architecture supports multiple generations of CPUs. Server models supported by this new architecture currently include the System x3850 X6 four-socket system, System x3950 X6 eight-socket system, and the IBM Flex System x880 scalable compute nodes.

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