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Date: 11-01-14

ZTE launches voice control phone

ZTE has launched a new voice control technology for easier hands-free operation of its latest smartphones. The voice control features include voice recognition unlocking, voice photography.

The voice recognition unlocking feature already used in its Grand S II phone recognize its owners’ voices and differentiate between them, and for its owners to unlock the phone with a simple voice command. My-drive features a higher voice recognition rate, reducing distraction while driving and enabling users to more accurately receive calls, listen to messages and play music via voice commands. Also, “do not disturb” mode allows drivers to focus on the road and automatically send incoming calls into voice mail or automatically reply to texts.

“We pulled out all of the stops with the Grand S II; we built upon the success of the original Grand S, and added the latest high-performance hardware and features, including voice control,” said Mr. ZengXuezhong, EVP and Head of the Mobile Devices Division, ZTE. “We developed this technology internally and feel that it represents a significant leap forward in man-machine interaction. The Grand S II will be the first of many ZTE products that will demonstrate our innovation in this area.”

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