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Date: 31-12-13

MCUs from Holtek feature resistance to RF frequency converter

Holtek has released two new additions to its low voltage R-F Mask MCUs, the HT47C07L and HT47C08L featuring low voltage operation of 1.2V~2.2V, internal RC oscillator circuit, watchdog function, one 16-bit Timer, buzzer driver and EL Carrier output.

The HT47C07L provides a single channel R-F converter, 1Kx16 bits of Program Memory, 48 bytes of Data Memory capacity, up to 18 I/O ports and an LCD driver which can drive up to 57 pixels. The HT47C08L provides a dual channel R-F converter, 2Kx16 bits of Program Memory, 96 bytes of Data Memory, up to 21 I/O ports and an LCD driver which can drive up to 80 pixels.

The internal R-F functions are provided for converting resistance to frequency which can be used to measure resistance in applications such as temperature and humidity meters, temperature and humidity controllers and other small household electrical appliances. HT47C08L with two channels of R-F converter allows measurement of parameters at two locations or to measure different parameters. The internal LCD driver supports different LCD display screen sizes and offers simplified matching and programming of the user LCD display. Both are available in 48LQFP Package.

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