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Date: 17-12-13

STMicro licenses Imagination's Ensigma processor for car radios.

STMicroelectronics has licensed Ensigma communications processor technology from Imagination for use in a multi-standard programmable radio solution targeted at car radios.

The new generation of ST digital radio receivers will support a wide range of global digital radio standards including DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) and HD Radio.

The agreement is being announced by Imagination’s CEO Sir Hossein Yassaie as part of a keynote speech at the Go Digital conference at The Radio Theatre, BBC Broadcasting House in London.

Says Sir Hossein: “Imagination and our partners have been instrumental in delivering global solutions that have made digital radio a successful technology in the home, but there has been slow progress to date in automotive. STMicroelectronics will deliver a complete solution with wide capability and ease of deployment that should propel digital radio to ubiquity in cars.”

Says Mr. Marco M. Monti, executive vice president and general manager, Automotive Product Group, STMicroelectronics: “As a global leader in car infotainment, STMicroelectronics is driving the technology for the next generation of digital car-radio receivers. As consumers quickly appreciate the advantages of digital radio in the car in the coming years, demand will grow. Our experience in the demanding automotive environment and our extensive receiver know-how combined with Imagination’s Ensigma communications processor technology will allow us to create robust solutions to manage all the digital standards and create a more enjoyable listening experience.”

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