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Date: 26-11-13

Image sensor developed combining CCD with peripheral CMOS electronics

Imec is presenting a prototype of a high-performance, time-delay-integration (TDI) image sensor at this week’s ‘CMOS Image Sensors for High Performance Applications’ workshop in Toulouse (France). The image sensor is based on imec’s proprietary embedded charge-coupled device (CCD) in CMOS technology. Imec developed and fabricated the sensor for the French Space Agency, CNES, which plans to utilize the technology for space-based earth observation.

The prototype image sensor combines a light-sensitive, CCD-based TDI pixel array with peripheral CMOS readout electronics. By integrating CCD with CMOS technology, imec says it has combined the best of both worlds.

By combining the TDI pixels array with CMOS readout circuitry on the same die, imec said it has produced a camera-on-a-chip or system-on-a-chip (SOC) imager, which reduces the overall system complexity and cost.

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