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Date: 18-11-13

4-Mbit FRAM from Fujitsu as a replacement for SRAM

Fujitsu Semiconductor America has added a new 4-megabit FRAM chip MB85R4M2T which can replace SRAM chip but with the benefit of nonvolatile memory storage without the requirement of battery.

The MB85R4M2T allows random access, so developers can make use of any part of the memory bank easily, as required. The fast writing speed minimizes the data loss in cases of power failure, a significant advantage for applications where production or quality data is critical.

Non-volatile FRAM products like the MB85R4M2T significantly reduce power consumption for data retention because FRAMs consume zero electricity when off. The back-up battery in SRAM, by comparison, requires 15µW per-second power current to retain data in memory when the main power is off.

The 4-Mbit MB85R4M2T’s 44-pin TSOP package and parallel interface are compatible with standard SRAM memories, so the chip can substitute for SRAM in many applications.

Availability: Packaged in a 44-pin TSOP, sample quantities of the new 4-Mbit MB85R4M2T will be available in January 2014.

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