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Date: 09-11-13

MCU chip for designing vehicle parking assistance system

Taiwan-based microcontroller chip maker Holtek has released its new ultrasonic parking assistance Flash microcontroller chip HT45F39. This new device meets with industrial specification requirements of -40 to 85 Deg C operating temperature and high noise immunity.

This MCU chip has ultrasonic sensor circuit for ultrasonic echo signal amplification, filtering and digital processing, the features supporting ultrasonic system design.

HT45F39 packs Flash memory capacity of 2K Words, an SRAM Data Memory capacity of 160 bytes, 11 I/O pins. By also including a function for the dynamic software adjustment of comparison signal levels and a software programmable gain control function, the device has the ability to detect longer distances and residual ultrasonic echo signals. Additionally, the device includes a Bus Control Unit function which is a serial interface which can switch the bus to the next connected device in a device chain, allowing serial control of multiple slave devices without the need to setup device IDs. This feature allows for simpler production and inventory management.

HT45F39 also features internal 16MHz high frequency RC Oscillator with a tolerance of ±2.5% at -40℃~85℃, thus eliminating the need for an external crystal. An internal 5V Shunt Regulator also eliminates the need to provide an external LDO regulator.

Supplied in a 16-pin NSOP package is suitable for designing products such as reversing radar, parking guidance systems, distance measurements and consumer electronics, etc.

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