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Date: 09-11-13

Micron's Hybrid Memory Cube in supercomputer prototype

Micron's Hybrid Memory Cube is used in a display board part of supercomputer prototype by Fujitsu. Fujitsu is Exhibiting display board featuring Micron's Hybrid Memory Cube at the Supercomputing '13 Conference in Denver, November 19—21.

The 3D semiconductor IC is made by vertically stacking multiple memory dies with logic silicon die in a cube like form. They are connected by vertical interconnects called through-silicon vias (TSVs). Micron claims its hybrid memory cube offers memory read/write speed of 160 GB/s by consuming up to 70 percent less energy per bit than existing technologies.

Micron expects volume production of both the 2GB and 4GB HMC devices later in 2014.

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